Marcia Fraerman



Through the use of acrylics and medium, I use the visual language of color and texture to express the freedom and strength of the human mind, memory, emotions, and spirit. I am very interested in how we “see” the world around us, which I view as highly personal. My work employs color and tone and how they play off of each other to produce a visual dialogue, creating a rhythm and sometimes teasing the eye. Much of my current work also uses repetition and symmetry. From a distance, colors and shapes often move and blur. My work is very process driven and I often engage in self imposed limits and systems to show the boundless creative and formal possibilities within these confines.

- Marcia Fraerman 2023



1976 BA Art History and Education, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Solo and Two Person Exhibitions

2018 Spacial Ambiguity, Hofheimer Gallery, Chicago, IL
2010 In the Mind's Eye, Gallery G, Glencoe, IL
2007 Sharp Edges, Gallery Mornea, Evanston, IL
2005 Alumni Exhibition, Highland Park High School, Highland Park, IL

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 Group Show, LK Art Consultants, Glencoe, IL
2021 Group Show, FreshLens Benefit Auction, Chicago, Il
2018 Group Show, FreshLens Benefit Auction, Chicago, Il
2012 Benefit Art Auction, ORT Gala, Highland Park, IL
2011 Benefit Art Auction, The Art Center, Highland Park, IL
2009 Benefit Art Auction, The Art Center, Highland Park, IL
2006 Student Show, Evanston Art Center, Evanston IL
2005 Summer Art Festival, Michigan City, MI
2002 Studio of Evolving Artists, Noyes Street Cafe, Evanston, IL

Symposiums and Panels

2024 “Minor Matters”, symposium on the economics of scale, Barely Fair by Julius Caesar, Color Club, Chicago, Il
2023 “Collecting Art: A Lifestyle with Purpose”—essential insights on the power of living with art and building community by supporting the arts. With Marcia Fraerman and Abby Pucker, LK Art Consultants, Glencoe, Il


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